When ever I see an attractive guy and I get to know them, they always turn out to be...?

Is it just me or are all the totally hot or attractive guys...total A-holes? Pretty much every one of them are either total Douches, jerks, a-holes, players,ext... I mean really? When ever I see an attractive guy and I get to know them...they always turn out to be one of the above ha ha ha. I have only met one hot guy who was actually nice lol...It might just be the town where I live but...whatever...Do you think they only act that way because they Know there attractive? so they decide to act cocky and once they get a girlfriend they they turn into douches. I'm sure they are a bunch of guys out there who are amazingly hot who don't act at all like that at all lol, but so far I haven't met any...

And don't get me wrong I don't think those guy I mentioned are all that amazingly hot... I have never fallen for one of those guys...its just all of my friends think they are...and so does the rest of the school..lol..So ya my question is..why do they always act like that?

thanks :)
oh and same goes with girls I guess lol


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  • Because they're trying to break down women's self esteem so they won't leave him.

    • exactly they want to be A-holes

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  • They know women are very much into how good a guy looks. They probably also know that this cannot be acquired by others, making it rare. Now they have their choice of women, most are expendable.

  • You clearly haven't met me then ;)

  • Oh I think girls are worse. A douche is easy to get rid of.. just find another girl. A bitch never leaves you alone regardless.

    Like you said, I wouldn't say all either, but it is really uncommon.

    • its not that uncommon to me tho..haha

  • Same with hot chicks, they're bitches and whores.


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  • I see what you mean, but it goes for both sexes though.

    People who look like they groom themselves more than they need to are most likely in for a good reputation, huge ego about themselves and what they do and are confident (sometimes over-confident) towards others.

    You can try to keep looking for one who is actually down to earth. But good luck lol Not all people like that are a**holes haha.

    • hahaha that's true..haha thanks

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