Do You Play Demon's Souls?

link - just an example of how amazing the story telling can be without saying much. Look at the comments. Everyone felt bad for having to do this fight.

But ya, this game is amazing. If you have a PS3 and haven't picked it up you should :) if you have it we should play. Just add Vicioussama on your PSN.

For those of you without a PS3 and have a 360, in October the successor to this game is coming out. It's called Dark Souls. I suggest getting it.

So ya, who has played it? Do you own it? :P Do you wanna get it? It's balls punishing when you die though so you gotta be careful :P
  • I have it and I f***ing love it
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  • I don't have it, but I want it now
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  • Don't have a PS3, but going to get Dark Souls for sure
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  • Don't have a PS3, but might get it
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  • is this the game about the guy that goes to hell to save his wife's soul?

    • No, that's Dante's Inferno. This is a balls hard dark fantasy world where you go slay demons for souls

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What Girls Said 1

  • can't wait for dark souls. demon's soulds was the legit most enfuriating game I ever played... but I loved it

    • :D a woman who plays? hawt :P

      And ya, I have dark souls pre-ordered, can't wait. My only gripe with Demon's Souls is that it keeps freezing on me periodically :\ not sure if it's cause my PS3 is old (the first model) or what... but it works OK with other games.

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    • I have no idea where you're talking about :P barely anywhere yet. Dealing with hax ghosts in the under area now. I've had very little time to play :\

    • Dont f*** with them ghost till later trust me. They are so annoying... you only get so many cursed hands and that area just has some souls to pick up and a few items like a weapon shard.

What Guys Said 2

  • I would play it if I had a PS3. IGN gave it a 9.4 making it more enticing. Not saying I go off of critics but good ratings always help.

  • Sounds similar to Darksiders which I picked up for like $3 on steam. I've played it a little bit, and its pretty good (who knows when I'll get around to finishing it).

    • not really similar I'd say.more 3D Diablo or so. Cause it's a bit mroe dungeon crawler action RPG than Darksiders. But I guess it's not TOO far different.

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    • Yeah they have put out a lot of crap lately and put too much capital into WoW (which is horrible), but Diablo has been good since the beginning. I think it's the only thing left in the company worth looking at.

    • I loved Diablo 1 and 2 :P I just hope Diablo 3 will be good with their greed these days :\ they keep announcing bullsh*t like the AH selling. That really pisses me off. And their changes to Wow... their breaking up of SC2 into 3 games... bah... Blizzard seems to be getting greedier and greedier.

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