What should I do with my hair?

What should I do with my hair? I have curly-wavy hair and don't always like to have to straighten it.

What are some good hairstyles I could try? :)


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  • * You could do it half up and half down like one of the links below shows <3

    * A pretty and loose side swept ponytail link ... That would look really cute by adding an accessory like a flower, headband or a hat! :D

    * You could also do a simple updo by grabbing your hair like you are going to put it in a ponytail, twisting it in one direction and then clipping it to the top of your head and letting the curls hang loosely down. Its super cute too if you let a few strands hang out to frame your face.. Accessories are cute to add too! :D - I hope that made sense! hehe

    • Your awesome, I love using accessories too. and this sounds great

    • Thanks! Yeah, accessories really pull a look together and make you unique! They are awesome! hehe :)

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  • Keep it wavy curly and long, like this link ! It's such a waste of good hair when girls straighten it out.

  • I have super curly hair and I keep it kinda long (not like hippy long tho) but it looks better if I shower in the morning or at least get my hair wet then brush it some, and if I had longer hair, if you get some styling oil, and seriously less is more with oil, just kinda LIGHTLY mix it in their with your hair (I had like 4-6 in long hair and I just used a single drop and it worked fine) and that will keep it from frizzing during the day


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