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Okay so basically the short end of this story is I slept over my friends house for a party and so did abunch of other people including guys (older than me) I ended up sleeping downstairs with two of those guys and 2 other girls. Well I was sleeping near this guy I was flirting with him the whole party cute/funny banter back and forth ya know and I don't know but anyways I am sleeping next to him and I ended up half on my mattress and half on his(we were sleeping on the floor) when I woke up our faces were really close and and not that I minded but I didn't want him to so I moved back. I was trying to go back to sleep and I hear him wake up look around and then moe closer to me This happened several times through the night/morning. And two of the times I woke up he asked me if I had enough room or if I was cold and needed another blanket..so I don't know he lives acouple hours away from me and I got his number he gave it to my friend to give to me...? what is going on here please help
  • He wanted to get laid
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  • Since it's your request :)

    I think he likes you and is attracted to you. If a guy wanted to get laid he wouldn't have tried to be as subtle about this whole thing as he was. he would have gave you number directly. Giving it to your friend shows that he is shy, moving closer to you while he thinks you are sleeping, shoes he's a bit shy. Asking if you have room shoes he's interested in knowing your boundaries of being close and not overstepping them. Because he lives couple hours away, I would look at this as a guy you can get yourself to know over a period of time. Not having to rush into things. Take your time, get to know him a bit more, and see if you guys can actually hit it off after talking to each other for a while.

    • Thanks for answering

      Does this matter though: So I wanted to ask him a question and I didn't get to the next morning it was just something random, his opinion on something that he could help me with, so I texted my friend that had the party after I left to see if he was still there and I asked her to ask him for me so I told her that whatever was easier for him she could give him my # or my fb and he gave her his # to give to me..?

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    • haha I know how that goes. It's very easy to over analyze situations. Especially like this. So... yeah, just relax and play it by ear :)

    • Ok thanks so much for answering this!

      Btw request me please

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  • He was hoping you would cuddle with him, but I'm glad you kept your distance. Obviously he likes you because he gave his number to give to you. So that's good.

    And if you're not into him don't call. But if you are then call him up.

    If you're too nervous to call you could text him... maybe something cute like, "Hey, I got your cell number from my friend. I'm the girl you kept stealing blankets from all night! Hehe"

    Or "Hey, thanks for the number! Does this mean I finally get to find out if you're as interesting as you are cute? Hehe"

    The real problem is that he lives so damn far. Maybe just keep him as a long distance flirty relationship? I don't know... I've always felt long distance doesn't work unless there's some timeline where the distance will be erased...

    ~ Robby

    • Okay well yes I like him and we have been talking so that's good he said he's calling me tonight actually

      But wait a sec he wanted to cuddle I can't say I didn't because I would be lying but why wouldn't he have just pulled me over or invited me to lay with him if he did? If I wanted to how could I have gone about it?

    • Well, perhaps he wasn't great at "escalation" and instead he was only brave enough to sneak a little closer to you... and if you wanted to cuddle back it would have been okay to slide a little closer to him each time he did. Basically you could have looked up each time he slide over, smiled, and inched closer to him in return. :)

What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like he liked you

    • Okay maybe but he lives 4 hours away from me so..that probably won't work right I mean..idk but...ugh

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