Guys what kind of dress do you like on short blond girls?

I have no idea what to wear to homecoming! What would you like to see a girl wear?(:
Also! I doubt I'll have a date, so something that is attractive to a guys eyes(:


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  • u really wanna dress with your hair and eye color...if your a blond with light colored wanna stick with lighter colors like yellow and orange etc...(not actually saying you should do either) I'm jsut telling you what I think you should stick to..unless of course your on the darker side of blond (like myself, I'm a dirty blonde). as far as style. well, it really depends on your body type. longer dresses don't look good on shorter fatter girls..since all theyll do is make you look stocky. I recommend not going strapless as it can be quite dangerous...thats really about far as I know of...


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  • Like a formal dress? Or something casual? Meeting with a boyfriend?

    • I don't have a boyfriend, and homecoming is the 17 of September so right after we start school, so I doubt I'm going to have a date, so something simple yet sexy to attract a guy maybe!(:

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    • As I said, black goes well with blonds. :d

    • Okayy(:

  • the short black dress with high heels


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  • link

    I'm not a dude, but I kinda like this dress for blonds with blue eyes


    This if you have any other color, the dress is a bit tacky I just kinda meant the color and that length :)


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