Hair color help?.... :) Choose one for me!

I have naturally ash blond hair with pale-cool skin tone (pinky) with gray-blue eyes.

I was thinking this color: link

Or this color: link

But if you have a different idea look at the other color options in the link :)
I was also thinking this: link I have similar coloring as the girl on the box :) idk.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You should go on this website called, you can upload your picture and then change your hair style and colour to see what best suits you. Its really fun...a little bit addictive though

    • I do love those websites even though they look silly sometimes hahaha :)

    • haha yeh I can never get the shape of the hair to fit my face properly, but you get the idea atleast

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  • I think you should go even lighter! I love blond hair on fair skin tones. It would look especially cute on you, since you have blue eyes. Try 8.0 (Toasted Coconut) or 9.2 (Crème Brûlée).

  • I can't get any of the links to work :/ I would suggest going red or brunette :) It goes with your coloring


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