Is shin stubble really THAT big of a deal?

we've been going out for 4 months, and I'm usually ontop of shaving, but I got a bit slack and had a LITTLE bit of shin stubble one night, and he went to cuddle up to me, sliding his hand up my leg and then just froze and made a sly remark about my stubble.

I would like to know how many guys care, or who just doesn't give a fudge.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I wouldn't care, grow it out even if you want haha. I've always liked the little imperfections girls have. That's the stuff that makes you a human being.


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What Guys Said 2

  • biggest of biggest deals YOUR LIFE IS OVER.

    not really. I wouldn't care at all.

  • Doesn't matter at all, we just like to tease now and again

    • I suppose, I think I took him more seriously then he had ment it ...

What Girls Said 2

  • I read half before realizing that you said "shin" and not "chin." It makes a lot more sense now.

  • No guy I've ever been with has ever seemed to care about a little stubble. They're generally pretty happy as long as you don't let your legs grow out to look like man legs. lol


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