He's making my decisions?

I'm a very insecure person. I look at myself in the mirror and can't help but want to be like all those pretty skinny girls. That being said my boyfriend is always trying to take me to the gym. It's not that I don't mind going, I love it actually but there's always that little thought in my head that he's takin me so that I look like those other girls. He says it's because he wants to be with an active person that doesn't lay around all day, but what if that's just a nice way of saying "hey, dude, your 18, youve got some love handles, lose them."?


I wear a lot of tank tops, and if youve ever seen girls clothing, you know any thing that looks decent on you is lowcut. That being saiid, when I wear a tank, there's cleavage. My boyfriend gets all mad because I wear tanks all the time and it's not proffessional. Honestly? I live in Texas, were in a drought right now and it's 112 degrees outside( and I'm not embellishing), I don't want to sweat threw my clothes or suffocate. Usually, when I wear one, he won't leave my house until I change it.it's not even stripper, lady of the night outfits either! So how do I tell him that I need to pick out my own stuff?


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  • 1. He wants you to be like those other girls.

    2. He wants you to have more confidence and thinks working for the body you admire is the way to do so.

    1. He doesn't want other guys to look at your cleavage.

    2. He's modest and thinks you showing cleavage is a bit trashy.

    3. He doesn't want to be distracting by your cleavage.


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  • If there are practical reasons for wearing those clothes (due to the heat), push that point regarding the practicality of it.


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  • He has no right telling you what to do or wear or anything, make it clear to him that if you do something then it's cos you want to and you won't be forced into doing anything you don't want to do x


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