If you're a girl and you randomly play with your hair, is that a sign of nervousness and possibly attraction

(I KNOW ITS A LONG READ BUT ITS FUNNY) I work in a grocery store as a checker, I'm tall, thin, cute, funny, and nice. this girl who is absolutely gorgeous, long black hair, half indian half asian, 5'5 size 4 or 5, hour glass, fashionably dressed, ect comes through my check stand. but she's a little more shy and adverting eye contact then the usual extremely gorgeous girl who usually could care less that I'm alive (bitches..) and doesn't mind letting me know with her rudeness and total bitchiness(bitches..). I say the standard "hello how are you today" her body language and demeanor doesn't change as she says "hello, I'm good" back. I some how ask her how her summers going and she replies that she's taking summer session (in a college town is where I work) which I reply "aww I'm sorry I decided against that idea" to which she then tells me how she, out of a 3 month summer break only gets 2 weeks of a vacation in between her summer schooling and the start of her senior year of college. where I replied "ugh are you serious!?! why would you do that to your self!?! its examples like you that make me happy I graduated, now its just student loans and a career if got to worry about" (geology major.. I'm f***ed)

this is where she changed, her eye contact was almost constant, no big deal I know, but then she started doing that smiling at me while I'm talking thing, her eye contact was more of a deep stare rather then just eye contact. she laughed at a not so funny joke, and did the look down thing like cause honestly it wasn't that funny she is just going with it to flirt. so she's buying this really good brand of gelato (ice cream) and I mention how she deserves this level of treat and she laughs then tells me that she knows and she "has finals this week". WHILE I'm replying she plays with her hair. she runs her hands up her head and playing with her hair like she's going to put it in a poney tail, eye contact and smiling the whole time, (I feel like the eye contact is important) and then when I finish what I'm saying which was "oh jesus!?! when does it end with you!?! I feel like I need to adopt you for 15 cents a day and you send me letter on how your lifes going " (terrible joke I know, I'm sorry..) she laughs then looks at me and does this squeezing all your hair with raised eyebrows and say "i know! seriously" she then lets go of her hair, brings her hands down to her neck/shoulders then then with one hand takes a side of her hair and brings it all behind her ear as she she then digs through her wallet to pay. (I finished scanning and bagging all of her groceries at that point which is extremly impressive and I deserve a raise) then as her card is being autherized we continue with the small banter and she grabs her groceries and takes 2 steps walking backwards as I say good by and she says "well you have a good rest of your summer" with tons of eye contact and smiling between the both of us..

so.. did I get her to like me AND was the hair a sign or am I just screwed?


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  • eh, dude. she's just being polite. remember the biggest thing that can ruin a mans ego, is thinking we want to hear or see something that isn't really there..she said "you have a nice summer"..shes just being polite. the hair thing is sometimes subconscious... if she was flirting, youda known..trust me!


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