How can I impress a guy?

I take a class with my crush. I want to look pretty, for him, but not too much.

So, any tips or advice? Of course I´m not planning to go with a mini skirt and layers of makeup but also I won´t go to the other extreme. Thanks


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  • okay. so if you really like him then be yourself and go for it. as for looks if you want to look pretty for him GO NATURAL. brown eyes: play it up with a light light light blue. blue eyes: use your neutral browns and green/hazel: play it up with your purples. foundation: DON'T CAKE IT ON. it looks really bad. and 75 percent of the time the foundation doesn't match your skin color. use it lighlty. mascara: long and healthy not gunky and thick. lips: CLEAR GLOSS. no color. be yourself. in class if he looks at you. look away. and make sure he's looking at you. then give him a smile. no teeth showing. don't play with your hair too much. occasionally brush it to the side. have your hair down. but personality wise. be yourself. if he doesn't like you girl he's just not that into you.


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  • Just be yourself. It will show him that you are comfortable with who you are. Because you don't want him to like a fake you then him be angry or disappointed that you were basically lying to himand he like something you're not.


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