Prettiest hair color for someone who looks like this?

I look super duper similar to Mia Wasikowska link The only difference is that I have gray-blue eyes.

The problem is I keep dying my hair red because my friends like it, but I think I want something more natural looking. My natural hair color is the one in the link, with same skin tone and everything.

Should I go blond again like my natural self or go for a chocolatey brown, keep the red or do something else?

All suggestions are welcome! Ty xoxo


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  • I tend to think that girls look best with a natural hair color. Sometimes some highlights or dye look good, but I'd say that with that sort of complexion blond hair would work well. Have you ever tried the brunette look? Did people seem to like that?

    • well I've dyed my hair basically EVERY color, and no one really said anything since it became so common of me, but doesn't natural hair color always look best? : / I think I might go with an ash blond with highlights, trying to be as close to natural as possible :0 (im at a loss), here are some of my ideas link link

    • Yes I think natural color does usually look best. Maybe a bit of highlights as you said as long as it isn't noticeable that it is dyed. Too much of a contrast like that can look strange. Keeping it natural is a great plan.

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  • I love experimenting with hair :-) have you ever had a brown colour? I think a brown with slight red undertones would look really good although I like the blond too so if you go back to blond maybe you can add some high or low lights depending on the blond colour you choose x

    • I agree with the brown with red undertones - a brunette with bronze-ish highlights/undertones/whatnot can be very attractive. My first girlfriend had this and I loved it when the sun hit just right.

  • I think you should go dirty blond, it looks really nice and natural


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