What matters the most to guys when it comes to looks?

I really want to know, what is more important to guys when it comes to looks. Is it their style, confidence, their smile, their eyes, their body.

For example, if a girl was normal sized or maybe just thin, but didn't have gorgeous abs or beautiful legs, would she not be considered hot?

What matters most when it comes to looks, a girl's face or their body?

Do you consider like 5'5 and 135 pounds alot?


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  • I can only speak for myself, though I know there are plenty out there like me. So. hotness comes from a few things.

    Confidence is number one. Insecurity tends to make girls nasty, surly, fake and judgemental. It all comes out in appearance.

    Second is a healthy body. That means a bit of padding, a glow, signs of physical activity and, most of all, nice skin. I can't overstate how much nice skin makes a girl more attractive. Stay out of the sun, moisturise, exfoliate, exercise. do all those things.

    A pretty face will always help. But sometimes nature doesn't play ball. so you work with what you got. If you smile a lot, are cheery and work on the aspects you can control - like skin, hair, grooming and so on - then you'll *always* look alluring. Guaranteed.

    I can tell you what I don't like: hard lines, abs, sneering and a girl's obvious discomfort in her body.

    5'5 and 135lb (I think that's about 1.65m and 60kg in my units) is certainly not fat! Yech. girls and their hangups!

  • you shouldn't worry about of you're hot or not. Although it may be tough at times, if you know you look good and are confident, you will be more attractive. But just to answer, guys have their own taste in girls. Some like blondes, some like brunettes, it's just what they are attracted to. Having a hot body is always a plus, but I would say a beautiful face is WAY more important. And to add, there is a point where girls are wayyy to skinny so you being 5'5" and 135 sounds just fine to me :)


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