How often do you think about looks?

I think I have a problem because I'm always thinking about outward appearance. I'm pretty sure I have Body Dysmorfic Disorder, but anyway, I wanted to know what you think. How often do you think about it?

Questions I'm always thinking are:

-Is anyone looking at me

-What do they think of me

-Do they think I'm cute

-Do they want to talk to me

-Damn, that guys cute

-That girl is so pretty

-Does this person like me/are they attracted to me?


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  • Yeah, all those thoughts of yours are plaguing you with insecurity.

    If you want to look better, then work on it. But stop comparing yourself to other people. Just be happy with who you are and what you got.

    You can always upgrade your looks, which many women do. Or, you can degrade them if you don't give a f*ck.

    But first and foremost, stop asking yourself questions. Stop rationalizing and just go with the flow. Because honestly, being your own worst enemy is going to make your life more miserable and you don't want to feel bad.

    Start loving yourself. Then you'll start loving others.

  • I rarely pay attention to my looks. I do notice pretty women pretty much when even I see them but normally I don't care much to be honest.

    It's normal to think a guy is cute, nothing wrong with that. Yes other girls are pretty too.

    When it comes to your looks you put too much pressure/stress on yourself. Its normal to want to look nice but you are who you are and you need to learn that's not going to change. All you can do is do the best with what you have; eat a good diet and exercise.

    Even if your not great looking (most people aren't) you can still get guys and live a happy life. So much of life is mental.

    Try to think more rational maybe. Realize there's no point stressing out over what other are like compared to you or if a cute guy likes you. There's no reason you can't find a nice guy. Work on changing the things you can improve about yourself but realize there are many things you can never change and learn to live with those imperfections.


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