How should I start talking to her and do girls give any signs off if they like someone?

okay so there's this girl in my class that I thinks really pretty and I wanna start talking to her. she's a freshman and I'm a sophmore. is there any signs girls give that show that they might like someone, I've noticed her looking at me and playing with her hair alot. and also my next class is a long walk and her next class is right next to mine. how should I start talking to her?


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  • Girls don't like creepy, obsessive guys. Stay clear of always coming on to her when you talk to her. Start off friendly, hang out a bit, and then flirt & tell her she's beautiful when the relationship gets to be at a comfortable level. (Tip: GIRLS LOVE TO BE TOLD THEY ARE PRETTY OR BEAUTIFUL. STAY CLEAR OF THE WORDS HOT & SEXY.)

    As for talking to her, try catching her later in the day in the halls or after school. It can be kind of embarrassing if she's with a big group of friends though.


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