Girls: something blue, borrowed, old and something new...what are these?

I just -notice that I am not an American- hear about them a lot in movies but never knew what are those for?


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  • It's a very old British tradition that a bride should have these things on her wedding day.

    It goes : "Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, And a silver sixpence in her shoe."

    The sixpence has long been dropped from the popular version of the rhyme.

    One gift can cover more than one category. For example, a borrowed blue garter, would cover the last two items in one thing.

    The rhyme was certainly in use by the late Victorian period and was printed in an 1894 edition of the Pennsylvania newspaper The Warren Ledger, where it was listed as a 'Puritan Marriage Custom'. The sixpence was a silver coin which was in use in the UK between the 17th and 20th centuries. Sixpences were also minted and used in Maryland, USA from the same date.


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  • It's a wedding tradition. Wearing them in the wedding outfit is supposed to bring good luck for the bride. Each item is also a symbol of something: something blue to represent loyalty, something borrowed to represent that friends will always be there for them, something old to show links to the family and something new for success in their married life.

  • They're things the bride is supposed to have/wear at a wedding. It's some traditional thing, I don't know where it comes from.

    • isn't the bride wear white dress?! or she just have these things as good luck charm as Snake G said?

    • Yeah, she's supposed to wear a white dress. Generally the old, new, borrowed, and blue are accessories she wears. For example, I might wear blue earrings, a bracelet passed down through generations, a necklace I borrowed from my friend, and new shoes on my wedding day.

  • its an old wedding tradition that was passed down from England during the victorian era. something old to represent your pasts before you were married, something new to represent your future together, something borrowed to represent the friends that stay with you, and something blue to represent the loyalty towards one another. on the day of the wedding the bride would be presented these four gifts from people in both families and she would wear them for the day to bring luck and unity to the marriage. there's also a part missing about how there should be a silver sixpence in her shoe. since sixpences don't exist anymore, that's probably why that part has been dropped.

  • when you get married, it's tradition to have something blue, borrowed and old for prosperity


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