Sometimes I cut myself, is it dangerous?

sometimes I cut myself. it used to be every night but I Haven't done it in about 2 weeks. my friend says its really dangerous. why? it makes me feel better, I can't explain it. and today in 4th period, my scars were turning purple. any ideas why that would happen? and how is it dangerous?


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  • I must be a bad person because I have no sympathy when I read these questions. it just makes me angry. I dated a girl way back in the day who did the same thing. My mother believe it or not also did the same thing growing up. I understand why you do it but find your reasoning infuriating. Masking your problems does nothing to help them and it only makes things worse at the fault of your own.

    I feel almost as stupid as you should when doing the act when I speak about my feelings for it. I mean, come on, smarten the hell up. Cut an artery and then lets talk. Oh wait, we won't be able too, you'll be dead. And it will be your own cowardice that got you there.

    • i don't cut deep I just use a raisor...that can't really do much barely even leaves a scar

    • Inmates often use razors to kill other inmates. They can do lots of damage. The only reason the scars left are not highly visible is because it has a surgical edge to it. Clean cut.

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  • i have a bunch of friends who are or were cutters, and as far as I know if your safe about it its not that dangerous... however, I would not be the proper person to ask about it, safest bet is to do a google search and if it looks like anything bad tell your doctor, and ask him to keep it confidential

  • Please Please Please stop cutting yourself. These questions really concern me when I see them. Yes it is dangerous

    • do you have any ideas on why they were turning purple? my friend says you can pop like a blood vessel or something. what's the big deal? it helps so much for me... I use a really tight rubber band whenever I feel like cutting and it has helped so far...i can't ask my parents or anybody because I don't want to have to do therapy or whatever

    • i don't know but yes you could cut a vital vein or something. Please don't do it. You could bleed to death. It's serious

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