Does being attractive make you intimidating to approach?

Girls, do you find yourselves intimidated by a guy who you find attractive, and does that prevent you from saying much to him, or even speaking to him?


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  • If he speaks to me I'll speak to him but I wouldn't approach him, though that goes for all men, since I'm pretty shy about that. I am not intimidated about his looks because looks really isn't everything, a man can become attractive because of his personality and a good looking man can turn out horrid from his words and actions. On the other hand though, looks is definitely a plus :)

    • looks "are" oops my bad, was too late at night for me to switch my mind to another language -.-

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  • Nope I'm never intimidated by physical attractiveness.

    Only time I'm intimidated by a guy is if he has an angry or hostile vibe or he looks too muscular since it means he could be a threat to my safety.

  • yep, I'm less comfortable around conventionally attractive guys.

    • You better be uncomfortable around me! :-P

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    • Lol, people tell me that I am friendly and approachable :p I always speak and have a smile on my face

    • good, so you have that going for you lol. if you're into a girl and you can tell that she feels intimidated, you should just go ahead and try to make her feel as comfortable as you can, i.e through joking around.

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