Maybe this is why many beautiful girls like bad boys, jerks and players?

I read an article from a user on this site called hot-alpha-female. (thanks a lot for the insight :))

this is the link:

I really recommend everyone to read this, It's about the masculine and feminine energy. Maybe I got it wrong but after reading it I thought it makes complete sense why "feminine" hot girls often like bad boys etc. Do you agree?
that would also explain why nice guys (often having the feminine energy traits) often end up in the friend zone of preppy girls - or in a relationship with tomboys...


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  • Initially when I read that article I found it to be somewhat offensive and a total crock. However, upon reading further, I grew to realize that it may be true and simply doesn't apply to me because I am neither a bad boy/jerk/player/alpha male type, and nor do I go for "feminine women." I go more for tomboy types than I do "girly girls" and I find it to be not only a turnoff when she's extremely "feminine" but also just plain stressful to deal with.

    So she may be onto something there. I just can't really comment on the matter because I exist outside of the population discussed in the article, and the girls I go for do also.

    • then maybe that means you have a stronger feminine side. and no that doesn't mean you're gay! but I could imagine you have that side, because from talking to you I'd say you're empathetic and so on :)

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    • yes but I mean you are...i don't know how to describe it, but if I had to guess I'd give you more feminine than masculine energy. you like to talk a lot :) and talk about feelings etc

    • I do like talking about feelings because I think it's the only way I can express them. I'm not much for physical means of emotional expression. In fact last night I was on skype with a friend for over an hour and she commented at one point that she found it a bit odd that I never laughed or smiled and always had a blank look on my face. So I talk about it because I don't really express it any other way.

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  • lol your name is coll, I see vodka (SWEET) and veritas a manga I used to read way back in the day =P lol but thikn girls like the "bad guys" because its more fun on the dark side XP

    • her name is a play no the old latin saying "in vino, veritas," which means "in wine is truth" which basically is a statement about how peoples "true selves" come out when theyre drunk. she just sibstituted vino (wine) for vodka =)

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    • haha it's cool. who gives a damn about the reason ;)

    • lol right? that's my idea and I like it so... YAY

  • who cares... people havta make their way in life... and this is a rite of passage for lots of young women... they have to know what's good, and what's bad...

  • Women suck. Why isn't the normal, good guy attractive? Always need a jerk or bad boy?

    • read the article. maybe you'll understand it better. because I'm sure there IS a reason behind it, and it could be the one that's explained in the article...let me know what you think :)

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  • I personally think it is because they are very good in talking sweet with girls.Girls love to hear compliments so this is the ticket for bad boys to trick them into their trap! Most bad boys are protective as well so girls feel they are safe to be with them.Another bonus is their look;)

    They know how to dress well compare with the good boys.

    • yes that's what I meant, the protection trait is one of the masculine energy as she explained in her article. that's why I think the girlie / hot girls are usually into those types of guys ...

  • Women don't like those guys because they are jerks & players, they like them because they are attractive and charismatic. They put up with the bad behavior because the guys are so desireable. As for true "bad boys" ... I've usually only seen bad girls with these guys, the kind that also like to do/sell drugs, commit crime, etc.

    As far as guys who just get with a lot of women -- if they weren't attractive, it wouldn't happen.

    • of course looks are part of it. but if you have two guys with same good looks and one has a more feminine side and the other more masculine, they will attract different gilrs. don't you think so?

    • There is a pretty wide spectrum of this, though. It's really hard to pin down "feminine" and "masculine" energy. Like the gym rats who really care about their appearance -- is that masculine (working out) or feminine (vanity). Or the social activist -- he is politically interested (masculine) but also empathetic (feminine). Etc. I just think a lot of guys who are awkward, bitter or otherwise unappealing try to blame the whole thing on women.

    • maybe you're rigth. hmm I'd say it's masculine because they're ambitious -> going to the gym with an aim.

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