GIRLS- should I tell her she's beautiful?

this girl I'm talking to is very insecure but at the same time is full of herself to cover up her insecurities. she is a very good looking girl, and I don't see what she has to be insecure about because she's so beautiful... and I want to tell her exactly that.

would she appreciate this? or would this scare her off? my close friend (who is a girl) told me I should. but I don't think I should...


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  • yes. I think you should and I much rather be called beautiful and gorgeous and fine and hot...

    im sure she will be flattered anyway :) but no one is forcing you to tell her so if you really want yo go for it if not then leave it alone for a while. but no matter how insecure a girl is she will always love a compliment and one that means something and is real :) f


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  • i have a lot of insecurities too and when some guys compliments me I kinda feel like there lying, but as long as your close to her feel free to, or start with small ones like omg I like your hair, don't compliment make up or she's gonna start wearing that make up all the time cause that's what you think beauty is. clothes shoes, : )

    hope this helped


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  • do it bro, I've had to convince girls of that myself, though I wasn't interested in them and they were in relationships


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