Is ankle pain normal for a bigger guy when going on walks?

So I got some walking shoes and don't have to deal with foot pain anymore, but I still get ankle pain. It's not extremely bad but it's definitely kind of limiting. I wanted to do a 3 mile walk but I only did 1.8 miles.

Will it go away as I get lighter and stronger or just used to the walking even?

I'm 5'8" 300lbs By the way. I assume duh yeah it is, but I figured I'd ask.


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  • I myself have used walking to lose weight, I started in October and was 11 st 4 pounds, initially it caused me pains in my ankles, groin, hips & lower back. I started out doing a 2.5 mile walk twice a week, and over a few weeks built it up to every day. Then once I was able to do that, I increased this by doing a 5. 5 mile walk every other day and 2.5 miles on the days in between. After about a month of that I then increased my walking to 5.5 miles every day. Now I am able to do a 10 mile walk a couple of times a week.

    The pain decreases as you get used to it, and I used that as the guide to increase the length of walk, once I was comfortable and walking at a brisk speed I amped up the walking distance.

    In addition to this I also switched from a dinner plate to a side plate, this helped me to control portion size of what I ate, I still ate the same food just much less and as my weight decreased the less I could physically eat because my stomach shrank back to its normal size.

    I have by doing this got my weight down to 8st 6 pounds- over a 3 stone loss and my stamina has massively increased. Initially a 2.5 mile walk would take me an hour to complete back in October- now it takes me 35 minutes and I feel physically strong and more supple.

    I still get a few aches after a 10 mile walk and if its uneven walking surfaces it adds additional challenge, so perhaps to start off with do longer walks on level ground.

    But good luck with it, I can't tell you how much of a difference it has made to me and because its not following a diet plan I can maintain it, so its now embedded in me to walk everyday and I love it.

    Try not to take pain killers as this will desensitize you to the pain and you can then strain muscles without realising it, but Tiger Balm, which is a Chinese herbal rub, is great for post walk muscular pain and joint pain. You can get it from most herbal/vitamin outlets. I massage it in to areas more prone to pain at night after a long walk so I don't walk up so stiff the next morning.

    • I was so confused until you wrote out stone. lol I won't take pain killers. It's not even close to being that bad and I have a high tolerance for pain. Congrats on all that by the way.

    • Sorry British weight units lol! Thank you, and yeah, stick at it, it'll be worth it and will get easier for sure! x

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  • I definitely think it's the weight. What I would suggest is just try to do as much as you can. After you lose some weight, you will be able to go longer. Try doing only 3 days a week. Take a rest between days and then go out again. Also don't be afraid to change your diet. Cutting back on portions and eating healthier will also help you get results faster. Don't be afraid to also get some dumbbells and do some exercises sitting down with those :) They can help as well. Here's some exercises: link

    Don't be afraid to youtube some of these to get an idea of how to do them exactly. If you can't do the standing ones, don't yet. Try just doing them sitting down. Don't get discouraged if you can't walk the 3 miles now. You will eventually if you keep this up :) Set some goals, this week it could be 1 mile. Then 1.5, then 2 and so on, you might not be at your goal now, but you will if you keep aiming at it :)

    It will get easier to walk and do these exercises as you do get used to the exercise and you will get lighter :) So keep doing them, I know it's hard, but you will get it :) I'm bigger myself, but it just takes a little longer. You are still fairly young too so you will see the changes have a really positive effect!

  • Well, you gotta think, you're supporting quite a bit of weight, so that puts more strain on the joints in your lower body. Also, if you don't normally do a lot of walking, your body will need some time to get used to it. Losing weight will most likely lessen the pain, and strengthening your muscles will help to better support your joints.

    If you can only do 1.8 miles, that's fine---just keep at it and try for a little further each time.

  • Yes, because you're carrying too much weight for your skeleton. It will definitely go away once your weight is closer to normal.

    It's a good thing you're starting to watch your weight, too. All that excess fat puts too much strain on your body; it stresses your circulatory system and skeleton, thus reducing your life expectancy.

    Good luck on your weight loss and keep at it!

  • Hey SnackG,

    Update- went shopping yesterday to buy a dress, back in a size 4! Was an 8!

    Oct my body measurements were:

    Chest- 38 inches

    Waist- 41 inches

    Hips 43 inches

    Now my body measurements are:

    Chest- 36 inches

    Waist- 30 inches

    Hips 34 inches

    That's purely from doing the walking and using a side plate for portion size. So stick at it, only took me 10 months to shed all that and I have been a large lady for 18 years since having the kids. You'll be a gorgeous buff guy in no time! x

  • definitely. very normal all that weight is like that


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  • Yes, it's very common - knees as well.

    It likely will go away when you lose the weight, but that's not going to happen over night, and in the meantime you risk more serious injury if you continue doing that kind of exercise.

    I would recommend you try swimming instead. It doesn't put anything like as much strain on your joints, but will still give you a good workout and help you lose the weight. Then once you're a little lighter, you can trying more rigorous exercise.

    You should really also consult your doctor/GP, rather than relying on random internet users...

    • Too insecure for swimming. I don't go to the doctor. lol That's why I'm asking this question.

  • The more you exercise for distance, the higher your pain threshold becomes in general. Try stretching before you walk. Get on your knees with your toes pointed back and sit on your feet to make them flat. Then stretch your calves which stretches the ankle the other direction. Then roll your ankles. Once you start walking distance you might get shin pain. The more you do it the less likely it will hurt. Get good shoes. I wear New Balance (usually at least $100 pair of shoes). I have a few marathons under my belt.

    • I got the shoes down. I just bought a pair of Nike shoes yesterday. Thanks for the info. I'll be sure to stretch next time.

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