I look terrible in pictures. How can this be?

How is it that I can look fine in person, but if a picture is taken, I look terrible. I went through some pics on Facebook and everyone looked great but me. I want to cry. I was thinking maybe if a guy saw me, he'd remember how pretty and nice I was, but with those pics and if he saw them, he'd probably be thinking "Omg, she's gotten so ugly now." I want to cry :(


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  • you're just not very photogenic I'm the same. Our looks need to involve our motion and more than one angle and that makes us much more good looking in real life than pics. We can sometimes get good snaps though. Try taking a bazillion pictures of yourself and trying to find out what face you can make to look good and how to arrange it :)

    • I would like to be a model though too, so this also upsets me that I'm not photogenic. I hate my picture being taken and they're all on Facebook. 98% of the pics on Facebook I look dumb in, I hate my picture being taken so much. I like being in pictures, but ONLY if I look pretty. And my smile, I don't know how to fix that either. Pictures are what lots of people see, so if a guy sees a girl looking not attractive in a picture, I doubt he'd approach her in real life.

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    • Yeah true. And lighting, oh my goodness. I'll look at myself in the mirror and think I look really good, and as soon as I bring a camera in front of my face, I get lines and stuff like that that I didn't see when it was just my eyes. But still, I want to be able to look nice like all my friends in pictures instead of the ugly duckling.

    • idk how you can do that but there can be advantages, for example if you're on a dating site, if you can get a guy in your league in real life to like your personality to the point where he's willing to 'settle' for what you look like in pics, and then you know he's a good guy, and then you meet up and he's like WHOAAA and she's actually well HAWT! XD and then he'll fall madly in love with you :p

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  • Are you posed smiling in these photos, or are they taken when you didn't know?

    • A couple are me posed, like one I am up high on a play tower thing, and my neck and smile look stupid. Another I didn't know she took and I look okay, but not pretty. Another I didn't know and I look good, and another I'm smiling and again look retarded. I hate smiling in pics as it is, and that further proved it. And another I'm joking around and stuck my butt out and my ass looks huge and my thighs look huge. :'(

    • My 'posed smile' is pretty bad looking, though I've gotten a little better. It helped me when I realized that though I smile when laughing, which I do a lot, when I'm just generally happy, its more with my eyes then my mouth. If I focus on 'eye smiling' and let my mouth kind of follow along, it works out better. Maybe it would help you too.

  • we are all paranoid about our looks and harsh judges..that y


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