Is it just a game? Boys Please Help me one this one!?

There's this guy, he told me a have a fine butt and that I'm hot and he is always playing around with me, a few time I have seen him looking at. The other he said he likes playing with me but that he didn't mean it sexually. Could he have liked me? Or is it just a game and what do you think about how he acted?


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  • idk maybe he liked your ass... and likes to mess with you I make sexual jokes to this girl I know frequently because she blushes like crazy and its real funny

    • So no chance he could have had feels for me?

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    • But then why won't he just ask me out?

    • doesn't think you like him? isn't ready, doesn't really want a relationship etc etc

  • i think he's just superficial and likes the way you look


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