Is he giving me signs he's attracted to me or just being friendly?

Looks me straight in the eyes and doesn't let go of his gaze until I do.

Looks at me when I'm not looking, when I catch him he quickly puts head to floor.

Looks at me and says "how are you", "have a good weekend", etc.

Looks at me and gives me a slight smile

Has teased me "lightly" during meetings and responded via email in a teasing manner.

When talking to other guys he "lingers" and will look at me up from under his brow dead in my eyes.

I have caught him checking me out head to toe on several occassions and he has let me catch him.

He has followed me a couple of times to areas I'm going.

Stands in personal space and does not move.

Sometimes get flushed in the face when I'm near him or talking to him.

Acts "fidgety"/anxious/nervous around me (sometimes)...

These are just a few things. Friendly or attracted?


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  • These are all classic signs of attraction, and I would wager that he's interested in getting to know you better, not just looking for a hook-up. Are you attracted to him as well?

    • I am very attracted to him and I will stare back at him when he stares at me and as we pass he blushes and I blush and we say hello and then I smile and put my head down. Do you think maybe we like each other and we are both a little shy/cautious?

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    • There is a policy and that is you cannot date your boss and he's not my boss and not on my team - Yes we do have chances to see each other after work. There are occassions where we have outside events happen. In fact, I'm a bit sad I recently missed out on an opportunity. A few weeks ago we had an outing and I was out of the office that week. We really don't have social circles where I work. It's very professional and we are all so busy. I'm not comfortable in making a big first move :(

    • If you'd like to talk about this some more, message me or friend me (not sure how that works; I'm pretty new here), and I will give you my email address. I can probably give you a few more pointers, but these 400 word chunks are limiting. Thanks for the "best answer," by the way. That was sweet of you.

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  • you pretty much spelled it out for yourself, he's obviously attracted

    • Yeah well it's work so want to make sure before I go in closer to him.

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