Guys! Stretch marks?

So if a girl is hot and everything is awesome about her but then you find out that she has stretch marks does that affect the way you look at her? I mean does that make her less attractive to you? And if you were going to do something would it make it less... ( I can't think of the right word...) but would you like whatever you were doing any less than if she didn't have stretch marks? Thanks
You guys are so awesome! thanks I really appreciate it!


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  • Most guys aren't going to be slowed down by some stretch marks.

    For the most part, the parts of a girl that matter to a guy can be seen through clothes. Face, hair, boobs, butt, legs, stomach. The little details like stretch marks aren't things guys waste a lot of time worrying about.

    Besides, most guys' bodies aren't perfect either, and we know it, so we're not going to hold you to some higher standard.

    Girls are WAY harsher critics of female bodies than the majority of guys.


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  • All stretch marks mean is that you were either big and got little or you were little and got big and if your boyfriend cares about em I would tell you to stop messin with bitch people and start talking to real guys

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    • You can't get stretch marks for being too little... You aren't stretching the skin then.

    • @Arwens-Fire





      yes you can because you could have been big before then got little so therefore you would prob have strecth marks


  • hmm girl totally hot now she's in my room naked uh oh I see some stretch marks. better kick her out. hahaha wtf of course it doesn't matter!

    • wow your a little testy! ha ha but I caught your drift very well so you should feel accomplished! ha ha I'm sorry I'm actually a really nice person so sorry if I hurt your poor little feelings! ha ha sorry I really am not myself right now! haha

    • what? it was a hypothetical answer... you daft?

  • I am sure that, somewhere out there, some male gives a ripe f*** about stretch marks...but...I have never met a male like that...

  • they don't matter at all to me

  • I got em too HA HA! Now I'm self conscious


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