How can the shy guy get the cute waitress?

I'm a regular at a place with a really cool waitress. I'm shy, but I do my best to flirt with her.

She is shy too and that makes it extra hard. She gives me smiles and looks and seems to be into me, but that's her job right?

Is there say I can check to see if she likes me without going all oit and asking her?


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  • I don't think waitresses HAVE to flirt. I've been around enough that are completely indifferent and all that. Sounds romantic what you have going on.

    What I would do is write her a note, and find a way to get it to her. Slip it in the bill when some comes and gets it, or leave it with her tip.

    I know you think that's bullsh*t or lame... but it totally depends how you word it. That's all there is to it.

    "I don't mean to embarrass you, but I think you're lovely. Sometimes my thoughts linger on your smile, and it makes me smile. May I buy you coffee sometime? My name is _____. If I'm wrong just blush. :) I had to say hello". And if you can pull it off add a funny teaser at the end.

    I mean... think of the alternatives. Will you ask her out and maybe embarrass her in front of all her co-workers? Follow her to her car like a creep? Post in 'missed connections'. ...

    Good luck dude.


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What Girls Said 2

  • If you guys are both shy, sorry to say this but one of you has to man up.

    It may be nerve racking, but it may be worth it in the end.

    I am extremely shy as well, so when I can tell that that person is really trying, I give them extra points.

  • Are you sure she's interested or just doing her job?

    • Well anything is possible so I could be missreading, but I'm pretty sure. She def treats me different then everyone else. And def stares deeply in my eyes, even when were not talking to each other.

What Guys Said 2

  • LOL, Well, a good line I remember is, "Can I get some coffee?" and just as she's about to go and get it, you stop her and say, "No, no, I meant coffee with you and somewhere else. Would you like to go get some coffee when you get off?" There's nothing wrong with asking a girl out. You just gotta ask, and accept if she's got a boyfriend or something else going on if you get shot down. Just go with the flow. Good luck man.

  • Hi there .

    Well I don't think that there is a better , faster and surer way than asking for her number and letting her know that you would like to know her better , that will save you from the trouble of wondering what's she is thinking and will give her the hint that you are interested in her .



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