What is the diference between cute, hot, pretty, goregous, etc.?

So guys, I was curious, what would cause you to use one word to describe a certain girl and a different word for another? What does each one mean? What do they each show about how a guy feels about the girl in question? Is one a bigger compliment than another?


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  • Hot-she has a sexual effect and a nice body and is more of a one night stand/hot sex material not generally serious respectful relationship material

    cute-adorable and sweet which is often like a smiley personality not young looking, pretty, often refers to personality, a sweet girl who is girlfriend material or even if not the type he wants to date, a nice girl

    pretty-attractive face good looking but not necessarily hot or sexual looking

    beautiful-very very pretty, stunning to look at, breathtaking

    gorgeous-similar to beautiful

    sexy-she has a certain sex appeal to her but it isn't "hot" and flashy but something about her is very feminine and makes you want her, maybe she has a nice body but doesn't go around flashing it, or has a certain way of flirting

    I like beautiful and sexy the best. And cute too.


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  • One is not a bigger compliment than another. Although "beautiful" and "gorgeous" are synonymous. "Cute" often describes a girl who is petite (some guys will use this as a lesser version of the other adjectives) but is actually just a different look. Keep in mind that many guys don't even know how to use these words.

  • haha. alright then.

    a lot of em are synonymous.

    hot means sexy-ish.

    cute means she kinda looks young, the girl next door type. pretty fits in here as well.

    gorgeous and beautiful are the ultimate compliments tho.

  • Hot = detached sexual attraction

    Pretty = physical attraction that is less sexual

    Cute = somewhere between pretty/hot but also factors in a cute personality

    Beautiful = everything about a person

  • gorgeous = I'm a homosexual and you're just fabulous

    cute = you're datable

    pretty = you look good

    hot = I'd f*** you

  • yes all word means different and each one is bigger compliment then the other one.

  • Cute usually means there's some kind of emotional appeal or it looks like someone that you could have an emotional attachment too. That could be romantic or it could be just friends or so.

    Hot is all about sexual appeal. If a girl is hot you'll feel it in your pants!

    Pretty is something that usually doesn't have to have an emotional or sexual dimension but could have both or either.

    Gorgeous is a stronger form of pretty.


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