Should I reach out to her again?

I met a girl over summer classes. I flirted with her from day one, I slowly built it up of course.

I saw her go from acting normal around me, to a bit shyer and nervous, to extremely comfortable eventually. We would laugh in unison and our legs would be touching and she'd touch my arm and hands and I'd give her long hugs.

And she kept hinting about spending time together. I was always in her plans and her future, all about "when we graduate and we're getting our diplomas bla bla" and "we should totally go to a football game together" blah blah

But I didn't want to ask her out honestly, and eventually she must have realized I didn't want anything serious and she said she just wanted to stay friends, though after she said that she kept wanting to hang out and she kept touching me and teasing/flirting with me. (I think she friendzoned me cause she thought I only wanted sex)

Anyway, summer term ended and we were all like "yea we'll go do this and that" but I never heard from her again, it's been 3 weeks and no contact.

I guess I'm asking, do you think that she'll still want to hang out? Even just as friends? Though I always had the feeling she liked me. I don't understand how a girl could sit knees touching yours and her hands touching yours and leaning in to you and smiling touching you back when you touch her knees, then say she just wants to be friends. Especially if she doesn't seem the type to hook up with random guys or lead guys on (she's a good girl... notebook-loving christian goody two-shoes nice girl. I've seen her shy side)

How should I re-initiate contact after so long and hopefully get her spending time with me again. You think she'd be up for it?


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  • Easy way to contact her again is to ask what classes she's taking now, how they are, maybe talk about it over lunch. Sounds like a normal and easy way to meet up, don't see why she'd say no. Don't understand all that stuff either about the flirty stuff but still be friends. Try not initiating anything, you'll see if she does it then you can reason out a bit if she likes you or not. Good luck


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