A question for guys: is there a reason for why you may cross your eyebrows if you're gazing in a girl's eyes?

Guys, you meet the eyes of a girl. but then you cross your eye brows while still looking in her eyes. why would you do that? (I would only cross my eyebrows while in a girl's eyes if I was wondering: "does she like me?")


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  • Do you mean frown? =S

    • Frown !

      like when drawing 111 on the forehead ,

      haha, may be ! lol :D

      what do you think it means ??

      may be he was wondering "why she was looking back"?

    • Excuse my grammar , lol :))))

    • Lol it's cool

      Well I'm not a guy but I think it might mean he's wondering if you like him or why you were looking at him. He was probably just surprised about it.

      I might do the same thing if I saw some guy looking at me.