I'm wondering.. Dress sizes?

Heres the questions..

1. What dress size are you?

2. Dose it matter about breast size in a dress?

3. If a guy you knew.. was asking for your dress size because he found a cool looking dress you might like.. Would you tell him?

And is looking at a size 16 and asking if the girl could fit in it a bad thing When she's a 5 or 6?

I don't know dress sizes and I hadn't seen her in a week so I asked for her size.. She didn't say at first.. But told me no she wouldn't fit in a 16.. Then she told me later her sizes.. I apologized quickly and told her I don't know anything about dress sizes.. Let alone if they would fit her.. I apologized again..

So I'm asking.. girls.. Tell me anything I might want to know about dresses and dress sizes.. Teach me please


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  • 1) 4

    2) generally the dress will fit if your breasts are proportioned to your body, it also depends on the style of dress, if a girl has a large chest watch out for strapless dresses.

    3) if it were my boyfriend yes, someone else, not likely.

    picking out a dress can be very difficult for someone else, sometimes its even difficult picking it out for ourselves!

    there are different body shapes and proportions you need to consider- apple,pear,hourglass,boyish figure etc.

    skin types, hair color and eye color all contribute to what color dress she would look good in.

    and different dress styles and necklines for different body types


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  • 1. 4 or 6

    2. Yes it does, if someone is not proportional then it's hard to know what will fit, and what won't.

    3. I would, but I really wouldn't want him to even buy me a dress in the first place. If you're going to buy something for a girl I would say go for something that will fit no matter what, like a pair of earrings.

  • 1. 2-4

    2. Yes

    3. Sure

    Yes, a girl would probably either be insulted or think you're really clueless if you thought she was a 16 when she's actually a 5-6.

  • it depends waht country your in for sizes but in the uk I'm a size 8 so yeah id be offended if someone said I could fit into a size 16 ahah jsut get her one the size you think and make sure you can exchange sizes so if it don't fit you can change it

  • 1. 6

    2. if it fits my hips, my breasts will fit as well

    3. I would probably tell him

  • 1. 0-2

    2. It does matter for some dress types.

    3. I would probably tell him my size.

    I understand that guys don't know a lot about girls sizes - especially since our sizes are different than how guy's sizes work. Did you actually see a size 16 dress or was that just a random number you guessed? If it was just a random guess, she shouldn't be offended at all. If you were holding up a size 16 dress and though it would fit her, you need to get yourself some glasses pal. :P There is a BIG difference between a size 5 and a size 16.

    • I found it at the DI all I knew was it looked good.. I didn't know her dress size tell she told me.. So I was guessing.. And I'm not good at it

  • 1) 4 or 6

    2) IT DOES matter, I wear 6 sometimes because my breasts don't fit in...(my body is kinda hourglassed, so it's tough...) Also, some brands still make them a bit bigger or smaller sometimes even if it's still 4, it just varies.

    I don't like being called a 16 intentionally... I would be a bit annoyed, if it wasn't dw, guys prob don't know much about it anyways so w.e

    3) I'll receive a dress from a very good friend like bff, or gay bff or my "bf"

    Tips... finding a dress for a girl is TOUGH, not even my mom can do that for me O.o

  • 3 US.

  • 1. in adults 2 in juniors a 4 sometimes 5 but I mostly shop adult

    2. I wouldn't say if you had a-c sized breasts it wouldn't matter all too much but above a c (possibly even I c idk) it would make a difference

    3.yeah I am pretty proud of my body (expecially since I was a chubby kid and lost weight when I became a teen) and I wouldn't care to share

    4. you should be able to tell I mean a 16 is a lot different than a 6 though stuff can look so different on a hanger as versus a actual body and I end up trying on like 90% of my clothes and end up having to go smaller but that much bigger I might be a little offended (though a 6 and a 2 are a lot different also so 16 would really offend me but if I was a 6 not so much)

    next time ask a sales lady to help or look at the size a mannequin is wearing and judge if she's bigger or smaller but always remember if unsure always go smaller! even if it doesn't fit she will feel good thinking that you think she's smaller than actually is!

    • I had not seen the girl in over a week.. And I don't really look for her size.. I'm usually looking her in the face..

      And I didn't know her size untell I asked her..

      I asked her she wouldn't tell me but asked what size the dress was.. So I told her..

      I really had no clue it just looked like a nice dress..

      She told me a little while later her size

    • just tell her that I mean ya I might be offended but I wouldn't hate you froever ya know

  • 4 or 6 normally

  • 1.6

    2. Dresses can be hard to fit for some people. I hardly ever wear dresses. My breasts are a lot bigger then my hips so what fits one end does not fit the other. If I got it to fit my hips then I can't get it over my breast if it fits my breasts it is way to loose on my hips and that can go the other way too if a girl has bigger hips.

    3.Only my boyfriend it would be weird to get a dress from someone else.

  • 1. 2

    2. usually your breasts are proportional to your body. so if you're small, it's unlikely you have huge boobs, unless it's fake

    3. I wouldn't want him to buy it for me


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