I went to a hairdresser I'd never been to..

she cut off 3 inches of my hair when I was skeptical in the first place to cut it at all. and also now my ends are completely fried (like insanely dry and ball up and get knotted and frizzy) - I also got highlights. so why did this happen and how can I reverse the effects?


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  • Shampoo your hair a lot. Like 5 times at least. This will dim the effects of the highlights if you want them to fade a bit... I don't know if you do I didn't get if you did or not. But it happened because highlights strip your hair of its natural color and replace it with a new one, which can be very damaging, especially if your hair is naturally dry or youve already damaged it somehow. Id recomment going back to the salon and getting a conditioning treatment. This should probably be done every few months anyway and makes your hair super soft and shiny.


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  • I'm so sorry that happened ):

    why did it happen? sad to say but some hairdressers are just carless. When did you get your hair cut? you should of complained on the spot when it happened :l

    to fix it I would go to another stylist,and explain the situation.

    • i got it cut like a week ago and I didn't notice how short it was til I got home :(

    • i think it may be a little late to complain /: if someone went to my salon and complained about a haircut they got a week ago I don't think we could do anything about it. Your best best is next time to complain the day it happens and just go to a different place. I'm sorry that happened ):

  • get a deep conditioner

  • I would say go back and talk to the owner and tell them what happened! They should give you your money back and do whatever they can to make it better. I say have a new style already planned out ahead of time for them to corect the mess they caused and they should do it right. I would not be surprised if they start pampering you like a queen.

    Your ends if they were cut properly should not knot up and especially should not be fried. How does your highlights look? Are they good or bad? I would definetely go back and talk to owner.

    • the highlights look messed up in one spot and I've always been uncomfortable going back and talking to people about what they did wrong, not to mention id never put my hair in their hand again!

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