Do you prefer to be called cute or sexy from a guy you're in a relationship with?

or beautiful, or hot, or anything else. how does the vibe differ using different words.


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  • I'm a beautiful woman. I'm not sexy.

    • what do you mean? you don't believe your beautiful enough to be sexy? or you think sexy is unappreciative?

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    • I just don't want to be viewed as a sex object.

    • so when you're having sex with him, you don't want him thinking "oh my god she's so sexy"? even if you feel like he appreciates you? is there any exception? like the way he says it? how experienced are you?

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  • Getting called beautiful by my boyfriend is a wonderful feeling. :) Hot and sexy are nice things to be called during sexytime. :D I always get called cute by too many people 'cause I'm a shortarse, so that doesn't really do much for me anymore.

  • When we are on a date, I prefer to be called cute. When we are getting naked, I prefer to be called sexy.

  • i would like to be called anything, but each word would be better for different things. like if I'm all dressed up or if I'm trying to look sexy I don't want him calling me cute. but the idea he finds me attractive is always nice.

  • my boyfriend calls me beautiful basically on a daily basis. And every time he does, it almost makes me feel like a princess? It just makes me feel really nice inside. In my opinion, beautiful means inside & out, which reallly makes me happy. I just love when he calls me that..

    Hmm.. hot & sexy are definitely two words that I much prefer that only my boyfriend calls me that.

    if he calls me hot or sexy, its like, wow, she's looking reallllllllllly good. or like, in a desired way? yknow?

    but as soon as someone who isn't him calls me that, I feel like a peice of meat. and I hate that.

    same with any other kind of word like that. I dunno, I just feel really awkward.

    so when in doubt, call a girl beautiful. :)

  • beautiful. that's the best


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