Best and cheapest way to store shoes? :) x

Hey lovelies,

Do you have any good ideas for shoe storage. We're moving to a place where we haven't got masses of space and I'm looking for a cheap way to store 100+ shoes without taking up the whole house lol I was thinking maybe stacking them in clear boxes but if you have any funky ideas please let me know, I need your help :)

Thank you! x


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  • For some reason, the idea of installing an art piece made up of your shoes came into my mind, but that's entirely silly.

    I think you should get a few under-bed boxes and keep the shoes you don't wear as often in there. Then you could get hanging racks for your closet or the back of your door and keep the pairs you wear the most in there.

    • hahaha! that would be pretty cute, maybe we don't need a vase anymore for flowers at home, a boot will do :P yeah we've got quite a bit of space under the beds so good idea, thanks :) x

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  • i was thinking something more like putting them in a dumpster.. I feel sorry for your boyfriend having to buy all those lol

    • that's just mean lol and I bought each and every single one of them with my own money :P x

    • lol I was just kidding

    • although if you want to get to a girls heart then shoes are the way lol for me at least :) shoe love is true love after all :) thinking about it actually, maybe they can sleep in the bed next to me and he can go in a storage box under the bed :) ha ha too far? I think so :P x

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