How to know if a girl is looking at me and not the guy behind me?

Just as the title says? I have a hard time figuring out if a girl is into me and is actually checking me out. Also how to actually make a move. Most of the times I do get dates I actually take more then one day (almost like a few months) to even talk to the girl and ask her out.

Then after two dates I get stuck in the friend zone never to come out again. This keeps happening to me and when I see the girl with other guys, I always ask myself what am I doing wrong. This is where my next question comes into play. What should I talk about and what to do on dates to stay out of the friend zone?


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  • well maybe you should be more impressive to the show your social importance and be funny and socially valuable. don't come off as some invaluable commodity. you have to make her think you're one hot number. and if you can't come off like that maybe just find a girl you really connect with on an intellectual level and build rapport from there. just be funny and have fun...dont be nervous


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