Hair extensions? What's the deal?

My new boyfriend seems to be so in love with my hair... its past my bra strap and every time I see him he likes to play in it and he always mentions how he likes it because its real... I wanted to get some real clip ons - like the remi ones the starts wear but I'm afraid that he might not like my hair anymore , he says he hates extensions and weaves and he likes natural hair... but I feel like the extensions will help boost my confidence a lil, my hairs a little on the flat side... what do you think? should I get them or not ? we just became boyfriend and girlfriend a few weeks ago, I'm 19 and he's 21


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  • You can thicken your hair by other ways. There's shampoos/conditioners as well as a lot of other products that add volume to flat hair. But as for the extensions, if it will make you happy then do it. Your boyfriend might be turned off by them but its not his decision. If he doesn't want to date you anymore because of them then he's obviously not the right person for you.

  • DO WHAT YOU FEEL LIKE DOING. (haha, sorry if that comes through as..bossy or mean or..something. I don't mean it like that!) it's eventually your choice. and if he doesn't accept your decision on such a simple matter, he obviously doesn't acknowledge the fact that you're an individual. (my opinion.) of course, he IS your boyfriend so there are certain things that are important to get his opinion on. however, this is SIMPLE. it's not that big of a deal. if he breaks up with you because you got extensions..(which will most likely NEVER HAPPEN.) be happy you're out of THAT relationship. it's your life. do what you want. if you feel like it'll boost your confidence, do it! (but of course, it's your choice in the yeah. just do what you feel like doing.)


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