Rate Profile Pics (and complain to the admin's about the question length requirement being to long)

This is something I originally saw in Facebook forum many years ago. You simply rate the profile picture of the person who posted before you. Since GaG formats things a little differently (grouping girls and guys in their own area), rate my pic for the answer post. Then your pic gets rated in the comments so both genders can comment on each other.

Feel free to rate on the classic 1-10 scale or with a comment or both.

(Answering anonymously will kind of ruin the fun)
Clarification of how this works: Your answer is the rating of my pic, then the rating of your pic is in the comments of your answer. So it's technically not the person who posted before you.

If, "Julia" rates me, all comments on her answer rate her. Post your own answer for your ratings. I'm just doing it this way since pics don't show in comments.
This is so both guys and girls get to rate each other. It would be simpler if it weren't split into sections...
I apologize for the confusion in how this is supposed to work. Some people are getting the hang of it. It works much better on a linear forum. More importantly though, people seem to be having fun with it. I just need some ratings, lol.


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  • 10 forsure, it's pretty awesome. (:

    • You're a 10! :D

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    • So smokin I thought the fire sprinklers would go off when I clicked her profile pic at school...

    • Lmao Isaac. :p

      @Jin..This was really just for fun, if you caught on to that.. (which you should have by now), don't be so serious, buddy.

  • I like mine. :)

  • This is kind of shallow and superficial. Just saying.


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