Cute texts to wake up to? [:

Just curious, what cute texts do you like to wake up to from your S.O.? [:

What cute texts do you like sending for your S.O. to wake up to?

Creative answers are appreciated. :]

I personally rather call and say, "good morning sunshine :D" but I'm always afraid I'll wake him up. >.<


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  • Well you can do all different ones depending how close you are with him and what your looking for.

    "goodmorning you :) I missed your voice"

    Or something jokey which will always make him laugh "Wakey Wakey eggs and bakey" it's totally fourth grade but it's cute for guys.

    In the morning you could send him a picture saying. "this girl misses you" or "this girl missed you"

    I usually do that and he finds it adorable :)

    • Ahaha. Aww. Those are adorable. [:

      I used the wakey wakey one on him. Funny because I'm a vegan. Haha.

      But yea, we're pretty close. :] We say we miss each others' voice throughout the day. :]

      Sounds like you two have a cute relationship. :]

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  • If I had a girlfriend, I'd probably want stuff like "Good morning, (insert cute nickname here). I hope your day is as great as you are" (narcissistic?). I wouldn't want her to worry about waking me up, though. She could text me in the middle of the night just to say stuff like "I love you", "you're incredible (if she really thinks I am)", "I'm so glad you're mine :)", etc.

    I'd probably do likewise, maybe also a Bible verse that makes me think of her, lyrics from a song we like, or just a smiley.

    Yeah, guys daydream about this kind of stuff too.

    • Awww. That's all too precious. :']

      I'm sure your future girlfriend will appreciate all of that. [:

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  • morning beautiful every morning from my boyfriend


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