Girls... Do stretch marks on a guy turn you off?

I have them on both of my shoulders, looks kinda like this : link

I also have them on my upper, outer thighs and slightly on my ass.


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  • nope my boyfriend has them on his arms but he has strong muscular arms. I think it would only be a turn off if he has flabby arms and strechmarks. I don't really notice them unless I'm looking for them


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  • No big deal, most people have stretch marks, my guy and I included. Doesn't turn me off at all, it's just part of being human, lol.

  • Nah, lots of people have stretch marks, guys and girls. They don't bother me.

    • im sorry to randomly ask this but does pansexual mean you have sex with people and animals?

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    • your into trannys.. wtf lol. OK I'm done talking now

    • I guess you missed the point. :)

  • Idk, kinda turns me off because I like men who work out and I don't like big muscles.


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