Why was he tickling me?

I always get annoyed when girls ask why a guy was tickling them ("Because he was FLIRTING!") but now I'm honestly confused. I was alone with a guy and he was tickling me all night, but not necessarily flirty. He tickled me as we were making out and stuff. That didn't make me rub my body against him; if anything, I think it made me squirm away. It distracted me from kissing. And a few times I thought I was going to accidentally kick him in the privates. I guess he could have been tickling me because it made my dress ride up, and in the end he was tickling my thighs, but it really doesn't make sense to me. Insight?


Most Helpful Guy

  • maybe he thought it was too soon for sex...

    • That's definitely true too. He knew there was no way I was having sex and he didn't even try. I just don't know why he didn't want to focus on making out or even pushing me a little further. He might hvae been trying to make me more comfortable.

    • maybe he felt like he would get carried away

    • Aww that's sweet.

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What Guys Said 1

  • It sounds to me like you were in the moment and he wasn't, he just wanted to have a few laughs?

    • Maybe! I move a lot slower than he does. Was he bored? And he did keep trying to kiss me while he was doing it.

    • Regardless it sounds a little awkward anyway hah ;p I'd say either just go with it or if you want him to stop then tell him to cut it out and turn the charm on!

What Girls Said 2

  • I try to hide if someone tries to tickle me. It is weird being tickled!!! I am all, stahhhhp

  • he is having a laugh, he ain't want you

    • I'm pretty sure he wants me. He's interested, I just don't know how much. But thanks for saying it so nicely and making so much grammatical sense.

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