Why is she always giving me dirty looks?

I met this girl and I though she really liked me, however next time that I saw her she was acting all flustered and what not, but she was also ignoring me at the same time, she was very quiet and sometimes she wouldn't even answer , it was really awkward, then this guy came she hugged him and then she just left with him.

To be fair I though I didn't like to her and I was just scaring her and then I stopped talking to her.

From then on as far as I can remember at first she would just look at me a few times and then look away. But then as time passed by she started giving me dirty looks, specially since one day I remember she was looking my way and she caught me looking at her and smiling, but that was it.

So yeah now every time I look at her she gives me dirty looks.


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  • This is an easy one. She liked you and you didn't reciprocate (or try to reciprocate in her eyes). So she tried to make you jealous (she may have had a boyfriend the whole time but still wanted to toy with you). Now she's just spiteful that she couldn't make you do what she wanted. However, trust me, you can still get her. When a chick has even negative feelings towards you, it means you can stlil bang them. It's when they are indifferent, then that's another story.


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