What is the best kind of clothing for a 22 year old girl with a pear shaped body?

What do guys and girls like best on a 22 year old girl with a pear shaped body? Be specific with the kinds of pants (jeans), t-shirts, jackets, skirts, dresses, and even shoes. Let me know what works best for you. Best answer goes to anyone with the most thorough response (including links helps!)

Thanks xo


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  • tight jeans, of course, an maybe some kind of form fitting t-shirts, chucks, of course that depends on your style


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  • Lower body, choose boot-cut jeans (tight up top if you want), or distressed boyfriend jeans with a tight top.

    Let your top be round cut, not a v-neck. (v-necks are for bigger breasted girls)...

  • All I can tell you is to avoid baggy shirts, and v neck tops.

  • Puffed sleeves on tops

    Gathered/ruched sleeves on tops

    Fluted/flared sleeves that end just below your bust

    Shoulder details - from epaulets to sequined shoulders, these details rock on your body.

    Wide necklines also flatter as they draw a line out and up. Try boat necks, sweetheart necks, large cowls and wide v-necks.

    Avoid tops that have narrow v-necks, dolman sleeves, raglan sleeves and heavily gathered necklines, which can all reduce the width of your shoulders.


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