I called a friend an emotional cheater, don't know how to fix it, advice?

So she WAS an emotional cheater but the thing is after a few weeks... I had a talk with a good friend of mine and she opened my eyes and her advice was "put yourself in her shoes".

I feel like such an idiot. It's so simple yet I didn't see it when it matters most. What I should have done is talk to her and tell her that I think that she isn't happy with her boyfriend, that she's not getting what she needs from him obviously because of the way she behaves with other guys when he's not around. I didn't respect that attitude but it's not her fault. Not all her fault. She has a sh*tty boyfriend who she broke up last May or so apparently to my knowledge. But now 4-5 months later, I haven't spoken to this lady friend of mine, and I know I'll be seeing her sometime this year at campus.

I wasn't the only one in our group of friends to diss her boyfriend, he was a really sad excuse for a bf... sure, he wanted to be cop but didn't have the balls to do the exam instead opting for tackling shoplifters until he can use that work experience to become a cop... sounds super half assed to me. He has a really nice car sure. But he barely drives it apparently. Maybe he has a huge cock, who knows. The thing is, she wasn't getting what she needed from him in a relationship. They were together for over 5ish years. Now that they are done... and I lost a great friend... calling her an emotional cheater, I just want to get her back.

I miss our talks and sh*t.

How do I tell her that I judged her so harshly and unfairly. That I should have had the balls to tell her how it looked like. The balls that NOBODY in the circle of friends had the balls to tell her. That it looked like she wasn't happy. That she lacked something important from her relationship because of how I observed her behavior when out with friends, flirting and inappropriately having physical contact, nothing extreme but still not cool, with other guys including myself at one point. She seeked affection and attention outside her relationship and this bothered me because it went a little too far.

So anyway, I know I was in the wrong. But I want to fix it if it's possible. How do I do this after having no contact with her all summer?


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  • Emotional cheater? You live on another planet mate

    • DO you know what that even is? People cheat EMOTIONALLY(no I'm not yelling), on their spouses, significant others... there's physical and then emotional cheating. Take a guess what either means.

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