How do you know when a waitress is attracted to you?

At lunch today, there was this really cute waitress. We had lots of eye contact, and she seemed really friendly and smiled a ton, but I mean, that's part of her job lol. How do I know if there could be something there?


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  • Ask her out... 9/10 she's just looking for a good tip tho.


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  • idk if it's different with waitresses as opposed to waiters, but I remember getting a whole bunch of stuff that I never ordered but it was 'on the house' lol. so getting stuff for free is a sure sign that the person probably likes you. eye contact/smiling... I don't know if that indicates she's attracted, but you have nothing to lose by asking her out. go for it :)

    • I'm not so sure if a girl would be as forward like that tho, ya know?

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    • Idk tho... She looked a little older than me, do girls like younger guys?

    • some girls do. :)

  • if she eye flirts with you

    • Which is...? What do I look for?

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  • When she sits down with you at your table and brings you free beer. Happened to me at hooters before, with this hot little blond girl.

    • Keep in mind that it was Hooters... They're supposed to be like that. xD

    • Yes, but not suppose to give you free beer. =)

    • Ehh yeah, OK. lol

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