This kind of betrayal

Hey ya"ll so here it goes about 2 years ago I found out my really good friend either had sex with or kissed or whatever (dont know specifics) with my then fiance and father of my kids. Of course she denies it and he does not know I know. I didn't "do"anything to her because either one of them are worth being spit on if ...well ya know. But recently I have been experiencing more thoughts and hurt of how someone could do that to someone. I blame her more because well he did plenty other stuff to me to be mad at him for. don't get me wrong I'm mad at him but more so her because I don't get how someone could be so heartless and trashy. I feel really alone in this because people I talk to say I just need to get over it but ITS NOT THAT SIMPLE. I want to know if anyone else has experienced THIS KIND OF BETRAYAL? And how you dealt with it and the people who did it to you? Any advice will help just feel alone and hurt and can't get the thoughts of it out of my head.


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  • ive never actuall been in your shoes, but obviously she is no real friend so id get rid of her, and as for your husband I don't know what id do there but I hope that you find the answer that you need good luck

    • I dropped her when I found out and him F*** HIM F*** THEM BOTH. I'm not with him anymore I'm just feeling all the hurt now.

    • well I know when I'm extremly hurt a bucket of ice cream and a good bitch sesseion with true friends helps

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