Are there two different views of beauty?

I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that (at least in my opinion) everyone is beautiful in their own way...

I didn't mean for this to be corny.

Lately I've been realizing that a lot of girls think I'm pretty, but not lot's of guys... I've talked to other girls and a lot of them are in the same situation, or the other way around.

So, I've been thinking- in general, is there a clear difference between a guy's version of beautiful, and a girls?

Anyways, guys AND girls, what does your "perfect" girl/woman look like?

(note: I know there's no such thing as perfect and everything, just if there were, for you personally, what would it be?)


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  • Yeah I think there is "girl pretty" and "guy pretty" but I don't know how to explain it.

    My perfect girl/woman looks like me :P (joking, because nobody's perfect but hey at least I have confidence)

    About 5"4

    Light golden skin

    Dark brown straight shiny hair

    Large beautiful eyes in pure light blue

    Long dark thick lashes

    Full rosy lips

    Big white teeth

    Arched eyebrows

    High cheekbones

    Defined jaw

    Perfect little nose, slightly upturned

    Long legs..thin

    Small waist

    Big butt

    Big boobs a C or D

    Thin limbs


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  • Yeah, girls tend to like thinner, more trendy, fashionable, more makeup, and things like that. Guys tend to like a certain type, more simple, more natural looking, and a bit curvier (in general).

  • My "perfect" woman (physically) is a woman who's imperfect. I like a girl (or even a guy) just the way they are. Keep it au natural.

    My "perfect" woman (completely) is a woman who has dignity, wisdom, humility, kindness and graciousness.


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