Is the Afro hair style back fashion?

In London, I've seen a lot of hot Brown chicks rocking the Afro and it looks hot. I really want to wear my hair in proper Afro and have tried but because it's so curly it doesn't style. What can I do to get my hair to style in a Angela Davis Afro?


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  • I wish it was :\

    I love my kinky hair, but unfortunately where I live, it's disgraceful or something for black women to appreciate our natural attributes.

    I rocked an afro a few days ago - and every single black girl at my school gave me a weird look or snickered when I walked by. I didn't really care personally - but I thought it was kind of sad that several black women can't even appreciate what we we're born with - because they're so convinced that what we have is wrong or displeasing.

    F*** that.

    I'm not ashamed for embracing what I am - no matter how ugly, undesirable, or whatever hateful word the world can think of about it.

    Anyway - hmm, what I do for mine, is I wet it a little to get the curls tight and then make it as uniform as possible.

    There's different variety's of kinky for our hair; like mine is kinky / fluffy, but my roots aren't super curly, more fine and so I have to wet mine to activate the full curly effect.

    If you have really kinky curls, from root to tip, then all I can suggest is picking it out really good to get a nice shape.

    I think a lot of people who rock afro's regularly, get their hair cut in order to get that desired shape - so maybe a trip to the barber :\

    • Dammit I accidenylh hit the thumbs down, but I totally agree with what you re saying.

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    • Frizzy curly and joint combination hair of frizz and curls is unique, I'm just not sure why some people are ashamed or embarrassed by it. To be honest if you are proud of what you have, then people will respect you as an individual.

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  • It's making a comeback, but not fast enough. I'm sick of weaves! Still have to wait every spring for the neo-soul conventions to see a number of real black women.

    • I know it is annoying when I see the weaves sown on, but hey what can you do, if your hair is naturally straight then so it is. if is naturally frizzy or curly then that's just the way you were made. I've seen a few white guys and girls with afro or plain frizzy or curly hair and they wear it pride, so why can't others.

    • I love Afros! :)

    • Me too. Me too :)

      Though I wouldn't have one myself because I'm too lazy to take care of it.

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  • it really just depends on your hair type...there's the poofy afro (like angela) and the curly afro (where the curls are defined)

    but I guess you can try to blow out your hair and then use a pick, but like I depends on your overall hair type

    • I've tried the blow drying method but once my hair is blow dried it's too long to style into a fro and flops down. :(

    • loool mine does the exact same thing...i still wear it out tho, because its still big in size :)

    • Cool :)

  • OH MY GOD I HOPE SO :O I'm white and have straight hair but dammit I love afros

    • There are a serveral whites that I've seen with frizzy hair wearing there hair in AFROS especially it looks quite nice, the brown guys and girls look amazing too. I love Afros and it would be nice to see a complete comeback. :)

  • Helllllll yeaaaaahhhh it is back in style. There is a huge movement right now of African American women tranistioning back into their natural hair moving away from the European straight look. For me I didn't care a damn about this I did it because I hated relaxed hair. I did the big chop last year this time and it is bigger and fuller now. I love natural hair there are more products out there to tame your mane! :) Nowadays I pay less than 10 bucks for my hair products than the 80+ dollars getting my hair relaxed and pressed. I can get my hair wet, get out of bed without doing much to it I LOVE NATURAL HAIR! Go for right now! :)

    Go check out Youtube.

    • Wow how cool is that, I've never relaxed my hair though and never will (ps don't forget there are African American females with natrually straight hair, I think it is a problem when those that don't try to change the natural state of their hair which is sad). But glad you resorted back to the natural look, I bet you feel great about yourself and look absolutely stunning. :)

  • That tiger is adorable in your picture

  • I'm not really up on fashion, I just do what I want & don't care what others think.


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