Cute ways to catch a guy's attention?

I'm a junior in high school...There's this cute senior I just added on Facebook, I'd like to stand out in a good way or do something while passing him in the hall to get his attention..I'm not really sure what to do...

Btw I've never had a be specific in your answers because I'm obviously doing something wrong. (also he's really shy).

Bonus Q: Cute things to catch his attention on Facebook without actually chatting him up?


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  • If you're shy, try smiling at him making eye contact when you see him. Then either he will say hi or you will be comfortable with time to say hello. :) I'm shy and I know it's hard but trust me, you'll feel so much better for smiling at him... plus if he thinks you're cute he'll welcome it and you never know!

    I was in this exact situation believe it or not, when I was about your age (I'm 20 now) ... except my mistake was never saying hi in person. He liked me for a while but obviously chatting online only went nowhere so he found someone else and graduated etc. Don't let it happen to you! I suggest most definitely smile :) give him indication you like him... he may well approach you if he's brave! Try to purposely pass him/be where he is/near him so he can see you. Look over at him. Smile. Shyly look away etc.

    GOOD LUCK sweetie.

    Also on Facebook, be yourself :) like his status? make a witty comment on it or a photo? message him and say somethng like "Hey! way to ignore me when I smiled at you today!"... even if you didn't actually smile at him.. he'll never be able to tell ;)


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  • Put your dominant hand high in the air, and flick your wrist from left to right!

    Thats always gets my attention, it's cute and it show personality.

    Not a lot of girls know about this cause they don't know how to catch a guys attention except (but not limited to) wearing revealing clothing like this girl in my math class lol

    she's a homosexual!

    Good luck, I know you'll catch him you devil you :)

  • Make a status that could interest him or maybe find a debatable status he commented on and find make a comment that somehow shows you agree with him completely

  • Guys respond very well to eye contact and an alluring smile. easy. done consistently enough, this will make him approach you.

  • looks into his interests, music, tv, movies, and post statuses related to that.


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