How well do you understand guys?

It seems like most girls understand guys are visual but still don't fully comprehend it, almost as if they are guessing. Some girls will try to attract a guy with their upper body while others with their lower body. It seems like each guy differs in what gets his attention. Do girls slowly experiment in what lures guys in or just guess by what they hear in the media? What have you learned?


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  • I've learned yesterday morning that my boyfriend WAS a breast-man. But when it comes to really attracting a man, it all comes down to how the girl fixes herself up, carries herself, and takes care of her body. I'm an A36, and during the 10 months I've been together with my boyfriend - he has never criticized me for having small breasts (unlike a few exes that were just plain asses). Heck, he even found something to love about them (although I don't care to share that with you all, haha). But all in all, you can still win a breast man even though all your assets lie on your back. This applies to men of any preference.

    I've also learned from some psychology books on how women indirectly make the first move to men with their body-language. A woman will usually try and make her feminine traits noticeable. I even found out that women who have been out of the shower longer than others have better luck at attracting men than those that are fresh and clean because the "dirtier" women release pheromones - and believe it or not most of them are found in the arm-pits.

    I however wouldn't go around with exposed armpits and flailing arms at the club because that's just not my style.

    I've noticed that men judge women by what they dress as well, and most recently (yes) by their choice of Facebook profile pictures.

    But all in all, a man can have any hot woman, because they are all the same to him. The one he finds beautiful inside and out is the woman he treasures.

    So I make sure I dress classy, and not too flashy. And flirting - sorry to say this but men are SUCKERS for that. I would usually flirt with my eyes and body-language, and it works - a little too well. Once I simply looked at a random guy and smiled - wondering if those relationship books on attraction would work. It definitely did because I started to get a lot of attention from him - I learned that men feel special when women do this. Now that I am with someone however, I at least know NOW what I shouldn't do if I DON'T want to attract someone that I DON'T want to put up with.

    There's more, but there's a stupid word-limit and it's 3AM.

    Feel free to let me know what you guys think of my knowledge about men. :)

    • Are all guys that easy? Any guys respond the opposite way when you were trying to be attractive?

    • I'm not saying all guys respond. Just the ones that notice, and the response is almost immediate. Some men just won't tick because;

      1. They don't find the woman attractive.

      2. They have someone already, yet still choose to stay true to their values and remain faithful.

      What I know is that once women give men the "green-light", a sign that there is a light at the end of the tunnel - that is when the chase begins. Men would never pursue a woman that they believe they have no chance with.

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  • I don't try to lure guys in. I just dress in what I like and do what I like and if guy notices me- great! I don't really think about what affect the clothes I wear will have on the opposite gender.

    Since I'm in a relationship, and I love him more than anything else I know, I dress to please him when I'm in the mood to do so, and I know what he likes so it's easy. But even when I was single I didn't much care, and I didn't try, I just wore what was comfortable and what made me feel good about myself/what I thought I looked good in. Not provocative, or revealing, just good. What complimented my body. I've always prefered decency and modesty than flaunting things when trying to attract guys.

    Now that doesn't mean I don't like dressing up in some revealing clothes when I go to ren-faires as a pirate (corsets and tight pants, or short skirts) but that's a character to play, not what I'm like.

    • So you never observed how they responded to you at a particular time or place? What determined your dressing choice then?

  • We put on what we think looks good... Since we're girls we know what makes us look good for the most part... and for myself personally I choose modesty but I play certain features up.. ie: tight pants, loose shirt etc. always show some but not all.

    Also we're female... we know that a guy will notice it all ;)

  • i do not consider knowing which body part a guy is more so attracted to than other parts, to be UNDERSTANDING GUYS. a human being is way more complicated than that.

    ive never met a guy who was mostly visual. guys like women are all sorts of things.

    if I am with a guy I can tell what body part he touches the most but you do not know if he is trying to please you be polite etc.

    most guys I talk to definitely any guy I like.. talks to me & look at my eyes they do not state at my body.

    I dress how I like/ feel comfortable. not because I think a guy is a breast butt w/e guy.

    guys I like pay attention to other things as well as bodies. bodies being the not most important, and if it is I would not know because they are careful to look in your eyes.

    i have learnt that I talk to guys I find interesting & people are complicated& id never use a body part to attract a lion- I mean guy. 'lure' threw me off.


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