What is the best way to cover dark circles?

I tried many things, but it doesn't seem to cover them completely. Also is there a permenant solution, that doens't involve plastic surgery?


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  • I have the same thing. Some aren't even really fixable by plastic surgery anyway, and I don't blame you for not wanting surgery.

    Sleeping more does help decrease them but some people are always prone, like me. There is no perfect solution for people with chronic dark circles, but using the right makeup helps.

    First use a colored corrector. Yellow is the most common color to counteract the dark blueish tones in dark circles, but some people also use a peachy or orangy colored colored corrector. I never tried peachy, but yellow seems to work well. I use a yellow concealer stick, it is a cheap one from the drugstore in a solid creamy formula like a lipstick. I rub it in with my fingers and blend it.

    Then I use a heavy duty waterproof concealer. I have tried many in my lifetime and nothing beats Make Up Forever waterproof concealer you can buy it at Sephora. I put on a fair amount on all the dark spots. I swear by this stuff, it is a godsend, it covers up my circles so well.

    Then I wait a few minutes for the concealer to set in and dry and I use a light dusting of translucent setting powder, also made by Make Up Forever. Use it very lightly or it will look white under your eyes, but using just a light bit will set the concealer and make it last longer.


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  • Clinique has some really good eye creams and dark spot removals. They might be kind of expensive but if you are really worried about it I think its worth it.

  • getting an ample amount of rest is the best solution but for some people -like me- its extremely difficult to achieve. I suggest drinking a ton of water. you'd be surprised at how beneficial water is to your skin. for a quick fix though, put some concealer and a slightly lighter pigment [than the concealer] of eyeshadow or powder under your eyes. also, beware smokey eye makeup as that can draw attention to dark circles.


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