How long do girls like a guys hair to be?

Don't give me the bullsh*t answer it depends on the girl. I'm going for the most attractive to the biggest part of female population. Right now my hair is maybe an inch long, is that an attractive length or should I go longer?


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  • Skater hair :D Its amazing and hot! Example: link

    • Uh, maybe cuss you are 16? Sorry my age group is waaay older. I need opinion of women in their 20's not girls.

    • wow. Rude much?

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  • I like this style link :) but it depends on bone structure and to be honest, the girl ha ha

  • Well, to me, I don't like male hair very long. I like to be able to view their eyes perfectly. Sometimes shaggy styles are OK...depending upon how long they grow it.

    For instance...this is the lengths I like: link

    As far as shaggy styles go...I don't like it any more lengthy than this: link

    Therefore, I would recommend just keeping it in that region of length.

    Hope this helps!

    • Wow thanks. I guess my hair needs to be a couple inches longer.

  • shut up and use the search bar.


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