How do you get the guy who already has a girl??

I know he is into me and there is something that clicks about us but he already has a girl they been dating like 3 months but she is long distance. How do I get him to pick me instead?
i am not trying to wreck the relationship I just want to know like what do you do in this sitting around waiting to see if they break up then tell him how I feel ? is that the best thing to do? its not like I wanted this to happen it just did


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  • Wait until he is single. If he was really into you he would be single by now. Be careful sweetie.

    • i plan on waiting one day maybe he will come to me and it hasn't been this long since we started hangin out in groups together maybe like 2 weeks now. its just instant chemistry

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What Guys Said 2

  • hey homewrecker, I like your style, if you really like him that much then go for it.

    If she's long distance you have a pretty good chance of getting him to sleep with you, while she's the one that ends up getting some stupid texts.

    • i don't sleep with people...and I am not a homewrecker, he just has a girlfriend and its not that serious I have been cheated on so I am not trying to mess it up I just want him after he decides to break up

    • That's great, either way I hope you bag this guy you want. Since she's far away I think you have a very good chance.

    • thanks I just really like him and I think we would be great together

  • Just be friends with him. Don't do anything that you'll regret like sleep or hook up with him while he's still with his girlfriend cause then there's less chances of him leaving his girl if he knows he can somewhat have both.

    • i would never do that I am just going to be here for him

What Girls Said 2

  • How would you feel if you had someone special and someone tried taking them from you? Hurtful huh? Please don't do it, there is someone out there for you who doesn't have a partner.

    • well he is flirting with me a lot and I am showing that I am interested but not getting in the way we used to like each other before. but he seems crazy ab me

    • Then he probably likes you but would you want someone who would do that to his girlfriend? waht if he does that to you in 2 or 3 months? I just don't want you to get hurt.. :) you do what you think is right though!

    • yeh I am just going to wait and see what he does and if he never leaves her ill just move on but I am not going to tell him how I feel or get in the way

  • wow... I guess long distance makes it all better right?


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